This is a working document. Updates and changes will be made to follow the changing requirements from BCCDC and Work Safe BC, as well as requirements set forth by the BC Chiropractic College.

First Level of Protection:

We have made changes to our schedule to ensure a maximum of 3 practitioners are in the office at one time.

 We are spacing appointments apart to minimize the number of people crossing paths while in the office. And to allow thorough disinfecting between each appointment.

 We have been asking patients to wait outside if someone is at the front desk when they arrive at the office to ensure social distancing at our main entrance.

 The plexiglass screen at the front desk provides a physical barrier when people stand at the front desk and speak with the CA.

 We have a second access point from the waiting area so someone can safely move to the treatment rooms while another person is at the front desk.

 We have removed all but 2 chairs in the waiting area.

Second Level of Protection:

By limiting the number of practitioners in the office and allowing more time between appointments we are able to maintain social distancing at the entrance and in the hallway.

Third Level of Protection:

Staff will ask people a series of screening questions when scheduling an appointment and ask them to come alone for their appointment when possible.

Staff will inform people when scheduling an appointment that when arriving at the office you will be required to wear a mask and may be asked to wait outside if someone is in the reception area.

When the reception area is clear someone can enter, there is a physical barrier between the CA and a physical distance from another person.
The patient will be directed to a hand sanitizing station and to read a series of statements and sign to verify that they are not experiencing any signs or symptoms of Covid-19 and that they have not traveled. We have provided sanitized pens for signing and hand sanitizer at the entrance.

If a treatment room is available the patient will be directed to enter a treatment room. If a treatment room is not available the patient will be directed to the waiting area.

Once treatment has ended the patient can wash or sanitize their hands and move to the reception area. When directed, another patient can now safely move from the waiting area to an available disinfected treatment room.

Fourth Level of Protection:

Staff and practitioners are required to wear masks in the office. Posters are displayed in the back staff area showing proper mask use.

Hygiene, Cleaning, and Disinfection:

Our main cleaners are Decon 30 disinfectant, Microban, Lysol multi-purpose spray, and Lysol disinfectant spray.

We have 2 handwashing stations with signs posted showing proper handwashing. Hand sanitizer is available for staff and patients to use.

Chiropractors are to wash their hands between each patient.

Treatment rooms are disinfected between each use. The table, chair, counter, and adjusting tool are all disinfected. Used face paper is placed in a foot pedal bin using gloves. Any time used headrest paper is touched hands must be washed (prior to touching the spray bottle to clean the room).

Megan- has her own list of requirements set forth by her College that she is following and she has it typed out and included on her webpage.

Staff are encouraged to wash their hands upon arrival to the office, and before they leave.

Washrooms are cleaned and disinfected daily, and again when a patient uses the washroom.

The work stations ( phone, POS machine, keyboard, counter, pens) are disinfected between shift change.

The POS machine is disinfected any time a patient does a touchpad transaction.

Clipboards are disinfected between each use.

We have a container for clean and used pens. Anytime a pen is touched it is to go in the “to be cleaned bin”.

The front door handle is disinfected several times a day, as well as the reception desk. Chairs in the reception area are disinfected any time someone sits in them.

We have Lysol upstairs to clean the washer and dryer.

Modify Staff Areas and Workflow

All staff are required to fill out a COVID assessment prior to the start of the shift, including taking temperature. Any staff member with a fever ( 37.5 or higher) will be asked to go home.

If a staff member is feeling unwell while at work, she needs to let Dr. Renaud know, and the two of them will decide if another staff member will need to be called in to cover the shift. If a staff member is feeling unwell and unable to work their scheduled shift, they need to call Dr. Renaud.

Staff are asked to stay home from work 48 hours if they have nausea or diarrhea.

Staff are asked to stay home from work 10 days if they have cold or flu-like symptoms.

If a staff member has symptoms and they are not sure what to do, it is recommended they call 811 and discuss with them. The office supports the recommendations of 811.

Chiropractic schedules have been adjusted to make sure only one chiropractor is in the office at one time. Booking times have been reduced to allow for social distancing within the office, and adequate cleaning between appointments.

Megan has moved her office to room 5 to allow for social distancing between the practitioner’s staff area.

It is suggested that practitioners and staff have dedicated work clothes and shoes, although not mandatory.

Scheduling Appointments and Communicating with Clients:

The office website has been updated with requirements.

Our maximum occupancy capacity in the office is: 25.

Staff are to use the script when confirming appointments to let patients know not to attend the office if they are unwell or if they have been exposed to COVID. Our email and text appointment reminders have been updated with this information as well.

Staff are encouraged to email patients any intake forms to reduce the amount of time spent in the office.

Please contact our office with any questions or concerns you may have at 250-478-2225