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A naturally oriented family practice

A recognized landmark in Langford, B.C. for over 30 years, All Care Family Chiropractic and Massage is a naturally oriented family practice. We strive to consistently provide families with care and attention in helping them reach their greatest health potential.

Langford’s health and wellness specialists.

Through effective education, skillful technique application, and genuine patient service, we seek to continue our tradition as Langford’s health and wellness specialists.

Putting your health first

Putting your health first, for over 30 years. Convenient central Langford location and hours. Results-oriented natural health care. Flexible family payment plans.

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Hip Pain

Experiencing Hip Pain?

Do you realize that your hip is the most used but most

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TMJ Function

TMJ junction

Do you feel pain or tenderness in your jaw? Or have you

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wrist pain

Are you struggling with wrist pain?

The wrist of the human body acts as an essential tool

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Knee Pain

Care For Knee Pain

Does your knee hurt while walking up or down the stairs

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How are your feet functioning?

While selecting proper footwear, be sure to select shoe

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Elbow SAG

Elbow Pain

Does it seem like your day is becoming difficult and yo

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Rob T Blog1

Relentless Shoulder Pain

Does your job call you to sit at a desk and work for ho

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On the Causes of Vertebral Subluxations – Part 1

What exactly are vertebral subluxations? And why are so

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