Does it seem like your day is becoming difficult and you just cannot get through the day without having a pain in the elbow? Elbows are inherently stable joints. You can lift, swing, throw, hug and do almost everything with your hands due to this critical joint. Aren’t these normal activities in everyday life? Of course yes, and pain in the elbow while carrying out these activities, will irritate you for sure. It’s one of the most used parts of your body and hence no wonder, overuse can cause things to go wrong!

Elbow Joint is formed where three bones meet. The upper arm bone called humerus, ulna and radius which makes up your forearm. The cartilage at the end of each bone helps slide against each other and absorbs shock. And ligaments, which are tight tissues helps to keep all of them intact, due to which you can move your arm freely. If anything happens to any of these parts, it can cause pain, sometimes intense or sometimes shooting pains while you run your elbows.

Look out for below symptoms. That’s when you know, you need help and must visit your chiropractor before the condition worsens.

An accurate diagnosis results in more appropriate treatment. Chiropractors assess elbow injuries by determining if the problem is a misalignment, tender sprain, muscle strain or a pinched nerve. Most elbow problems start in the neck, upper back, shoulders and occasionally in the wrist. This is the reason why chiropractors take an overview of the whole body rather than focus on the area of pain.

Most Elbow injuries heal two to six weeks. However, some may take a year. Elbows that are misaligned are more likely to be re-injured and develop arthritis. During the healing period rest, ice packs and bracing with elbow support can all be very beneficial.

Your Chiropractors can advise you the best strategy to manage your elbow injuries. Be aware once the pain goes the elbow is still vulnerable to reinjury for up to a year. Massage and Acupuncture in such cases have proven very beneficial.

Happy Health and Happy living from All Care Family Chiropractic and Massage!