Does your knee hurt while walking up or down the stairs? Is there a burning pain at the side of your knee, or a stabbing pain inside it? The majority of all knee pain is not the direct result of a problem in the knee joint itself. More commonly there is a biomechanical fault in the pelvis or foot. Biomechanical fault can even be present in the absence of pain or injury. Which will be helpful in preventing a problem before they happen. That fault is compensated for at the less stable knee joint, resulting in pain.

The knee includes quadriceps muscles. It also consists femur bone and tibia connected by articular cartilage and patella. An excellent example of this is Osgood Schlatter’s syndrome. It is a painful condition suffered by adolescents. The pain of lower kneecap ligament can be alleviated with knee and pelvic adjustments.

“Growing Pans” in adults or children are due to an abnormal arch in the foot. Which causes excessive rolling in of the ankle, and abnormal tension in the shin muscles. Orthotics stretches, and adjustments are all required to control this common problem.

One of the “true” knee problems is bursitis, or “Housemaid’s Knee.” Bursae become inflamed with repetitive kneeling when a knee joint misalignment is present. Bursitis can be treated without invasive surgery.

If you even have gout or pseudogout, you increase the risk of bursitis. Gout is build up a uric acid crystal. It gets collected causing joint swelling, inflammation, and pain in the joint.

Chiropractic for knee involves examination of ligaments, joints, posture, and gait. It is essential to determine, ‘Is your pelvis causing the knee problem’? Or is ‘A knee problem causing pelvic instability’? Only your chiropractor can tell you that after examining your health.

A Chiropractor will address the issues in and around the knee from the pain. It will also investigate if other alignment issues in other areas of the body are the real cause of the knee pain. For example, tightness in the lower back can place excessive strain on the knees which can be painful. With the right chiropractic care, issues such as these can be corrected so you can live pain-free.

A Chiropractor can help overcome knew pain without using drugs and surgery. If you see any symptoms, it’s time to see you, chiropractor, too!

Happy Health and Happy living from All Care Family Chiropractic and Massage!