Does your job call you to sit at a desk and work for hours at a stretch? Well, most of us spend hours each day glued to our computer screens either for work or play. But are you making sure that your posture is not being a culprit in a dreadful body pain? What we don’t realize in our day-to-day activities is that sitting or even standing incorrectly for long hours, could cause serious inflammation in muscles and give you body aches specially Relentless Shoulder Pain.

The most common one is Shoulder pain!

So why do we experience this pain and how does our body react? Read on to know more facts!

Relentless Shoulder Pain is made up of three parts:

Do you know what helps your shoulder and other joints to rotate and move easily? It’s the fluid called ‘Bursitis’. They are fluid-filled sac that is located throughout the body which acts as a cushion over bones and soft tissues to reduce friction in the rotator cuff of the joints.

When you suffer from pain in the shoulder, it could be sometimes due to a condition called as ‘subacromial bursitis’. It is a type of inflammation which is usually the result of repetitive injury to the ‘bursa’ which can happen due to activities such hunching forward for long (remember your long work hours!), excessive ball throwing or other overhead activities or sport.

You need to look out for these signs mentioned below which indicates you need to visit your Chiropractor immediately to prevent further inflammation.

Ignore could cause problems in ‘Tendinitis’ which is a chord that connects muscle to bone. Chronic tendinitis ones are caused due to degenerative diseases like arthritis or repetitive wear due to age.

A chiropractor may examine the cause of shoulder pain that can be tendon inflammation, instability, arthritis. A chiropractor will also be looking for some physical abnormalities like swelling, deformity or muscle weakness, and shoulder range of motion and strength.

The entire musculoskeletal of the body are linked. A chiropractor can treat your relentless shoulder pain comprising of treatment such as misalignment, rotator cuff pain, posture-related pain, pinched nerves. They shall assess the function and will help you with an effective chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain. And remember, shoulder pain often develops gradually than all at once. You definitely want to visit your chiropractor and take precautions right at the beginning.

Happy Health and Happy living from All Care Family Chiropractic and Massage!