Are you struggling with wrist pain?

wrist pain

Are you struggling with wrist pain?

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The wrist of the human body acts as an essential tool to carry out any skillful human activity. Majority of human activity requires the involvement of a wrist like writing, cooking. It seems a simple joint, but the origin of pain leading to the wrist can be a complicated diagnosis!

Wrist PainThere are many painful sensations you can feel in your wrist like burning, soreness. You would be amazed to know; there are in all 8 carpal bones in the wrist!! Capitate, Hamate, Pisiform, Triquetrum, Lunate, Scaphoid, Trapezium, and Trapezoid. Even a single misalignment or repetitive injuries can put pressure on a median and ulnar nerves travelling to your hand causing intense pains

The most common and essential problem attached to wrist is:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the term given to pain, numbness or tingling in the wrist and hand. Compression of the carpal tunnel can stem from a variety of factors such as; fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease or brachial plexus elbow and shoulder entrapment syndromes. One of the most common causes of unilateral carpal tunnel syndrome is an anterior subluxation of the lunate bone. When pain is felt in both wrists, it is more likely to be referred pain, not an exact carpal tunnel problem. For example, “Double Crush Syndrome” occurs when the radial nerve is pinched in both the wrist. At the level of the neck, shoulder or elbow. One study showed that wrist manipulation reduced the need for carpal tunnel surgery. It happens in almost 94% of the cases.

Often wrist problems can be traced to overuse patterns initiated in childhood. For example, a recent study has shown that school-aged children who play many hours of Nintendo often aggravate the intrinsic muscles of the thumb. Over time this repetitive sprain injury causes chronic muscle fatigue. Signs of “Nintendo Thumb” should be assessed by your child’s chiropractor. As early intervention can prevent future problems from developing.

Ganglion Cyst is a pea-sized swelling with a jellylike consistency found under the skin of the front or back of the wrist. This painless symptom of wrist dysfunction can develop in response to a subluxation – bone out of place. Putting stress on a tendon, causing localized swelling (the “pea”). Surgical removal, often medically recommended fails to address the underlying cause. A few chiropractic wrist adjustments are often all that is needed.

So, it becomes essential to know Is your neck causing the wrist pain? Or Is it a true wrist malfunction?

A chiropractor will use video motion x-ray to assess the neck for subluxations. It is a misalignment of the spinal vertebrate that could irritate nerves going to hand. Your chiropractor also does testing muscles of the shoulder and elbow. This is to adjust misalignment of a joint or any other part that could repair the pain of the wrist. They always look at a cause of illness and determine it as part of healthcare! Hence It is best to visit a chiropractor if you experience wrist problems.

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