Experiencing Hip Pain?

Hip Pain

Do you realize that your hip is the most used but most commonly neglected part of your body? Think about your everyday body movements. Even a slight pain in the hip can make you feel weak. Whether it is sitting upright, bearing weight, walking, running, playing, etc. The discomfort may be felt in other associated muscles like: […]

TMJ junction

Do you feel pain or tenderness in your jaw? Or have you suffered from aching pain in and around the ear? Difficulty in chewing or pain while eating food? Aching facial pain? Trouble opening your mouth? It is a good chance that it could be the origin of the problem in your TMJ junction. Many […]

Are you struggling with wrist pain?

The wrist of the human body acts as an essential tool to carry out any skillful human activity. Majority of human activity requires the involvement of a wrist like writing, cooking. It seems a simple joint, but the origin of pain leading to the wrist can be a complicated diagnosis! There are many painful sensations you […]

Care For Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Does your knee hurt while walking up or down the stairs? Is there a burning pain at the side of your knee, or a stabbing pain inside it? The majority of all knee pain is not the direct result of a problem in the knee joint itself. More commonly there is a biomechanical fault in […]

How are your feet functioning?


While selecting proper footwear, be sure to select shoes that force an arch in the feet. The span helps you run and walk with ease. Having a flat foot makes trying to run very fast quite difficult. Conditions often develop during childhood, or when you have to stand for long periods of time.  Excessive stress […]

Elbow Pain

Does it seem like your day is becoming difficult and you just cannot get through the day without having a pain in the elbow? Elbows are inherently stable joints. You can lift, swing, throw, hug and do almost everything with your hands due to this critical joint. Aren’t these normal activities in everyday life? Of […]

Relentless Shoulder Pain

Does your job call you to sit at a desk and work for hours at a stretch? Well, most of us spend hours each day glued to our computer screens either for work or play. But are you making sure that your posture is not being a culprit in a dreadful body pain? What we […]

On the Causes of Vertebral Subluxations – Part 1

What exactly are vertebral subluxations? And why are so important? Simply put, vertebral subluxations are the consequence of irregular movement of position of your spine’s bones. Usually a response to stress, subluxations have a wide range of implications for your health, reaching far beyond the discomfort and/or pain you presently feel. As the nerves in […]